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Africa’s Premier Escrow Platform

A subsidiary of the Envisionit Group of Companies, Truzo (Pty) Ltd trading as Truzo creates trust between strangers and was founded in South Africa to facilitate and secure online and real-world transactions. Truzo takes the risks out of buying and selling. Transactions with us are simple, safe, and secure. We ensure that buyers get what they paid for, while sellers and service providers get paid on delivery.

The word escrow means “to keep in trust”. An escrow service keeps payment in trust until a product or service has been delivered. An escrow service is tasked with protecting the interests of both buyer and seller.

Safe, Secure Escrow Solution For Everyone

At Truzo we make it our business to protect our client’s interests. Whether you are a corporate running a multi-million Rand infrastructure project or an individual selling a bicycle, Truzo allows you to feel good transacting.

How We Protect Buyers

Gone are the days when a buyer is required to pay a deposit when purchasing a product or appointing a service provider. The buyer’s money is kept securely in their Truzo wallet, earmarked for a specific transaction. If the goods bought don’t match the agreement or the service is not completed to the buyer’s satisfaction, the seller must accept return of the goods or the service provider needs to make good on the service agreed to ensure release of the buyer’s funds. Should the buyer wish to cancel the transaction he/ she has to return the product delivered by the seller undamaged, for a refund.

How We Protect Sellers

A seller can proceed with the sale or service, assured that the funds are available for payment and held securely in the Truzo escrow bank account. Sellers and service providers never have to chase up buyers for payment again. Satisfied buyers instruct the immediate release of payment. Unhappy buyers can return the product, undamaged, for a refund.
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