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Create an escrow account today. Truzo is more than just a payment platform. We facilitate trustworthy connections and that feeling of comfort when buying or selling. Promoting integrity when transacting and putting honesty at the forefront of every financial transaction.

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Why Truzo?

Scam Prevention

Never get scammed when dealing with strangers, we verify all transacting parties.

Secure Payments

When buying or selling items like cars, homes, electronics, concert tickets, etc.

Fraud Prevention

When buying or providing services like construction, renovations, freelancing, etc.

On Time Delivery

Transact more!
No more non delivery or late delivery.

No more non delivery or late delivery, no more late payments and no more worrying about safe online trading. Your trust zone is a scam free zone. A place to trade safely using protected payments ensuring a secure buy and secure sell space. Ensure secure online trading today with Truzo’s safe payment solution.

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