Creating trust between strangers

when buying and selling

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Welcome to your personal trust zone

Creating trust between strangers, one safe and secure transaction at a time.​

While you focus on feeling great about your purchase or sale, we make sure that your transaction is scam-free and secure.  As your trusted payment partner, we ensure peace of mind while you transact, no matter the size, frequency or complexity. Receive the goods you paid for, Pay only once what was agreed upon is delivered. Transact with ease between buyer and seller. Worry-less about scams, we’ve got you covered! Choose trust, choose security, choose transparency and above all choose affordability.

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How it works

How it works

Why Truzo?

Scam Prevention

Never get scammed when dealing with strangers, we verify all transacting parties.

Secure Payments

When buying or selling items like cars, homes, electronics, concert tickets, etc.

Fraud Prevention

When buying or providing services like construction, renovations, freelancing, etc.

On Time Delivery

Transact more!
No more non delivery or late delivery.

No more non delivery or late delivery, no more late payments and no more worrying about safe online trading. Your trust zone is a scam free zone. A place to trade safely using protected payments ensuring a secure buy and secure sell space. Ensure secure online trading today with Truzo’s safe payment solution.

4 Easy Steps

1. Agree

Buyer, seller and agent, if present, agree to the terms of the transaction.

2. Secure

The buyer commits by paying money into the secure trust account.

3. Deliver

Verified seller delivers products or services, as agreed with all the parties.

4. Pay

Once approved by the buyer, Truzo releases funds to the seller and/or agent.

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Transact with Trust

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