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Terence 236x300 1Truzo is an independent escrow service provider that enables buyers and sellers to transact anywhere, via any device in a safe and secure way. The company was established out of a deep desire to ensure buyers and sellers aren’t scammed and to spur economic growth in Africa.

It’s an uncertain time for South Africa. The fierce tug of war between economy and health can be seen playing itself out on social media platforms, the varied opinion pieces in the press, on WhatsApp groups and chats between friends, family and colleagues. A debate that will likely be recorded in our history books without a clear winner. The only certainty most of us have right now is that the way we live will never quite be the same.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only forced people to do business with more strangers, but also to do business virtually. For those who never needed to embrace the online way of life before, it’s a complete shock to the system. There has never been a more important time to feel safe when buying or selling products or services. Very few have been selected to serve the country as Essential Service Providers, making it incredibly easy for fraudsters, con artists and scammers to narrow their focus and take advantage of the desperate need on both sides of every transaction.

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