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Escrow Payment Platform

Creating Trust Between Strangers,

One Safe and Secure Transaction at a Time​

Truzo is an independent Escrow Payment Platform that enables buyers and sellers to transact anywhere, via any device, in a safe and secure way. Unlike other escrow services, Truzo is not only registered with the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) but also regulated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) and conducts rigorous compliance checks on every Truzo user to ensure a safe and secure environment. 

Truzo works with multiple banks, has multiple payment methods and offers a multi-currency solution via the UK office and creates tailored solutions to meet individual and/or business needs, no matter the transaction size.

Regulated by:

Registered with:


Financial Sector Conduct Authority

Juristic Representative of Envisionit Capital Solutions FSP43556

Payments Association of South Africa

Registered with Payments Association of South Africa

B-BBEE Level 2

Level 2

Regulated by:

Financial Sector Conduct Authority

Juristic Representative of Envisionit Capital Solutions FSP43556

Registered with:

Payments Association of South Africa

Registered with Payments Association of South Africa


B-BBEE Level 2

Level 2

Why Choose Truzo?

Mobile App

Transact on the go using our mobile app. Download it from the AppStore or PlayStore.

Edit Functionality

Truzo has built in functionality to edit transactions.

Fully Compliant

Rigorous compliance checks are completed on every Truzo user.

Multiple Banks

With Truzo's escrow payment platform there's no waiting periods for funds to clear.

Multiple Ways to Pay

Truzo offers various payment methods to suit individual needs.

Multiple Currencies

Truzo offers a multi-currency solution for escrow payments via our UK office.

Trust at your fingertips

We are more than just an escrow payment platform. With our mobile app anyone can transact on the go. No need to set reminders or make notes of the agreement for later, simply open the app and create your transaction right there and then. We also understand that agreements can change so we’ve built in the flexibility to edit transactions as needed. Variety is the spice of life which is why we work with multiple banks, offer multiple payment methods and even in multiple currencies via our UK office.

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How Does Truzo Work?

Once you’re registered, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

1. Agree

Buyer, seller and agent, if present, agree to the terms of the transaction.

2. Secure

Verified buyer commits to a transaction by paying money into a secure escrow account.

3. Deliver

Verified seller delivers the products or services, as agreed with all the parties.

4. Pay

Once approved by the buyer, Truzo releases funds to the seller and/or agent.

By holding the buyer’s money in a secure escrow account until both parties are happy, we can ensure the buyer gets what they’ve paid for and the seller gets paid on time, every time. All parties are verified by us to reduce the risk of fraud and scams, creating a safe and secure platform for buying and selling.

Transact with Trust Today

Join our happy users by registering on our escrow payment platform and start transacting knowing that you or your business will never be scammed again. Trust that you will get what you paid for as a buyer, and get paid on time, after delivery, when selling. We ensure that every transaction you or your business conducts is safe and secure. Buy and sell products and services, from as little as R100 to R100 million, or more, at an escrow fee you can afford.

Partners and friends


Scam Prevention

Never get scammed when dealing with strangers. We verify all transacting parties.

Secure Payments

When buying or selling items like cars, homes, electronics, concert tickets, etc.

Fraud Prevention

When buying or providing services like construction, renovations, freelancing, etc.

On Time Payments

Transact more! No more waiting around to get paid or chasing people for money.

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