Truzo Corporate is a versatile escrow offering catering to a wide range of transactions including mergers and acquisitions, capital raisings, property transactions, mining transactions and litigation-related matters. Bridging the gap in commercial transactions by collecting, holding and disbursing funds as an independent escrow agent with no conflict of interest.

Our team of professionals have extensive experience in the legal, financial, banking, and technology industries to assist you in achieving your specific transaction goals.

Our commitment to opening your escrow account within 48 hours of receiving all required KYC documentation is testament to our efficiency without compromising on the quality of our service.


Transaction parties have online access on Truzo’s digital platform via our website or multi award winning app throughout the duration of the transaction. Enabling you to easily track the progress and status of your transaction.

How does Truzo Corporate work?

The escrow agreement is entered into between Truzo and the various parties to the transaction which governs, amongst other things, the basis upon which funds will ultimately be released to parties, which party will pay Truzo’s fees and in which party’s favour interest on funds accrue.

Depending on the currency of funds held and transaction size, Truzo can provide a bespoke solution with competitive interest rates, fees and FX conversion rates.

What is the escrow process in the case of a buyer and seller?

1. Escrow Agreement is signed between transacting parties and Truzo;

2. KYC of transaction parties is completed within 48 hours of receipt of required documents;

3. Truzo escrow account is opened;

4. Buyer deposits funds into the Truzo trust account;

5. Funds securely held by Truzo until the transaction is completed / Conditions Precedent met;

6. Transacting parties notify Truzo that the transaction is completed and instruct Truzo to release the funds held in escrow;

7. Funds released after 48 hours to the seller’s account in terms of the Escrow Agreements authorisation notification.


Truzo Ltd is an EMD Agent of The Currency Cloud Limited, providing payment and e-money services (non-escrow services) in multiple currencies.

Thanks to Truzo’s global footprint with operations in multiple jurisdictions, we’re able to facilitate transactions, payments and currency conversions in 34 currencies, including ZAR, GBP, USD and EUR.

TRUSTED PROTECTION | REGULATED | LICENCED by FSCA (SA) and Truzo Ltd is an EMD Agent of The Currency Cloud

– Regulated and approved in the UK and South Africa. Payment and e-money services (non- escrow services are provided by The Currency Cloud Limited. This ensures you have the critical protection you need when concluding corporate transactions.

– Truzo is also registered with the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA).

– The funds we hold on behalf of our client’s transactions are either in an e-money account in the UK or ‘Trust’ accounts in South Africa. This means that your funds are segregated from Truzo’s operational bank accounts.

What our clients say?

“I recommend Truzo Corporate for anyone seeking escrow services. Their expertise, dedication and customer-centric approach make them an outstanding professional in their field. I have no doubt that Truzo’s Corporate offering will continue to excel and provide exceptional escrow services to their clients. We look forward to working with you and your team again soon.”

Edward Pitsi

Co-Founder and CEO | Infinite Partners

“The e4 Group and other stakeholders recently had the pleasure of working with the Truzo Corporate team for our escrow service requirements on a recent large corporate transaction. We were particularly impressed with their knowledge, commitment, and quick turn-around times in relation to their escrow service offering. It was a relatively seamless process and assisted us in achieving closure on our deal. We would gladly recommend Truzo Corporate for any parties needing escrow services in relation to complex corporate or commercial transactions.”

Grant Phillips

Chief Executive Officer | e4

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Truzo Corporate team for our escrow service requirements on a commercial transaction, and I have been consistently impressed with their knowledge, skills, and commitment to excellence. Their efficient and professional approach have been instrumental in achieving closure on our deal.”

Khudusela Pitje

CEO & Founder | New GX Capital

“Truzo Corporate were instrumental in seeing our transaction through to its finality. They have a very

experienced team of professionals who are proficient in what they do and willing to assist at all times.”

Damian Spargo

Legal Advisor | Overlooked Group

Truzo’s escrow transactions in the news

Truzo was selected as the trusted escrow agent for the e4 deal with Infinite Partners, as reported by TechCentral – ” Fintech specialist e4 sold in R1-billion private equity deal – TechCentral.”