Creating trust between strangers

when doing business

Welcome to your business trust zone

Contribute to growing a stronger and healthier economy one safe and secure transaction at a time. 

Living in uncertain times means that yesterday’s successes don’t guarantee today or tomorrow’s wins. That’s why we focus on safeguarding your transactions and cash flow while you focus on making those deals. Offering you an effective payment solution that reduces your risk and increases your cash flow, as a financial partner to small and big businesses alike, we are designed to give you peace of mind no matter the frequency and size of your transaction.

Choose trust, transparency, reduced risk and security, choose an escrow payment partner committed to your success, choose Truzo.

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How it works

How it works

4 Easy Steps

1. Agree

Buyer, seller and agent, if present, agree to the terms of the transaction.

2. Secure

The buyer commits by paying money into the secure trust account.

3. Deliver

Verified seller delivers products or services, as agreed with all the parties.

4. Pay

Once approved by the buyer, Truzo releases funds to the seller and/or agent.

Where can we use Truzo?

For your business

No matter the size or frequency of your transactions, we have a secure payment solution for you.

  • Safe & secure payments via our FSCA protected account.
  • KYC is an integrated part of our process with compliance to POPI and GDPR.
  • Create your transaction online from the comfort of your office or on site with our revolutionary app.
  • Focus on growing your business while we streamline your payment process and cash flow.
  • We provide the ability to transact in multiple currencies.

Online classifieds, marketplaces and eCommerce platforms

Grow your platform via our safe and secure payment process. Pay with Truzo and access multiple convenient payment methods via our APIs.

  • Reduce scams on your platform with verified users and watch your sales grow.
  • Wallet functionality for easy payments.
  • Seamless integration

Why Truzo?

Fraud Prevention

When buying or providing services like construction, renovations, freelancing, etc.

Instant Cash Flow

Instant cash flow on work completed, get paid 24 hours after delivery.*

Reduce Costs

Reduce admin costs. Focus on your business. We have your payments covered.

Access Funding

Access funding to grow
your business when
using Truzo**

* With transaction inspection days set to 1 day / 24 hours.
** We’ve partnered with a number of organisations that may provide funding against your Truzo transaction.

Transact with Trust

Join our happy customers now by registering and start transacting knowing that you or your business will never be scammed again. #feelgoodtransacting


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