Top 3 Ways to Prevent Non-Delivery

Top 3 Ways to Prevent Non-Delivery

Buying and Selling Goods and Services Makes Our World Go Round. It creates jobs as well as helps us get what we need to live. But as a lot of sales have moved online, it can make it harder for buyers to get what they need safely, and sometimes sellers are in a position to […]

How Escrow Prevents Fraud

How Escrow Prevents Fraud

Fraud Hits Companies and People Harshly With over 60% of South African businesses falling victim and losing over R1.5 billion. Money loss is one thing, but fraud also hits the image of businesses and causes a lack of trust in partners. With the impact of fraud being so devastating, why aren’t there better ways to […]

Escrow Stops Scams

Online scams still happen every day and many of us know at least one person who has been scammed in the last year alone. If we consider that 23% of people contacted by scammers end up losing money, it makes sense that even people we know well fall victim. Even though there are a few […]

Why Is No One Talking About Escrow?

In a Scam-Filled Online Landscape, Why Is No One Talking About Escrow? Whenever we buy something from someone online, there is always some risk involved. Scam prevention methods and secure checkouts can make it safer for us, so we rarely have to think about the risk when shopping online. But even when buying on secure […]

Truzo Year in Review 2021

Goodbye 2021! It’s been a tough but GREAT year! A massive thank you to everyone who made 2021 the success it was, especially our dedicated and passionate staff. Have a safe and secure festive season, we’ll see you in 2022! Transcript We were on FIRE this year! So many lessons. SO much growth. Many Amazing […]

Scam Prevention

Scam Prevention When Selling Cars Privately There are few things more soul destroying than hearing the value of your car when taking it to a dealership for trade in or a second hand car salesman to sell. For some it may even be the difference between buying a new car or just sticking with the […]

Truzo Year in Review 2020

We are incredibly proud! It’s been a really tough year for everyone and we are incredibly proud of what the Truzo™ team has achieved in 2020. In a year of such uncertainty, it was vital to focus on the things we could control. Thank you to everybody who made the year a success and we […]

Apps Africa FinTech Finalist 2020

Truzo™ is a finalist for the second year running! Truzo™ is a finalist for the second year running in the FinTech category for the Apps Africa Innovation Awards 2020! The sixth edition of the awards attracted over 500 submissions from 51 countries, with solutions launched by start-ups, established ventures, and corporates. The awards strive to showcase leading […]

Truzo Saves the Fuel Industry R40 Million

Buy Diesel Using Truzo™ Now, more than ever, it is vital that buyers and sellers in every industry feel safe and secure when doing business – much of which is happening online now thanks to the local lockdown regulations, and the increasing need for business to be done virtually, often with new suppliers that have […]

Standard Bank Invests in 2 African Tech Start-ups

Via The Venture Scale programme at FFA The Venture Scale programme at FFA provides African start-ups with £220 000 in tailored support services across product design, data science, engineering and business development, along with an additional financial cash investment of £30 000. The start-ups will also gain access to an exclusive partnership with Standard Bank […]