Scam Prevention


Scam Prevention When Selling Cars Privately

There are few things more soul destroying than hearing the value of your car when taking it to a dealership for trade in or a second hand car salesman to sell. For some it may even be the difference between buying a new car or just sticking with the old one for a few more years. When asking why it’s so low, the best you can expect is that they have to prepare the car for sale which includes various aesthetic repairs as well as needing to add a commission or mark-up.

For some that’s good enough but for others, they know these places get repairs at rock bottom pricing and they’re already making a fair profit for the sale of the new car in the case of a dealership. Why then, do many sellers still go through a third party? It’s not for access to buyers and we’ve already established it’s definitely not for the price tag. A small percentage of sellers do it for the hassle-free approach but you guessed it, it’s mainly for security and safety.

What if we told you that security and safety don’t have to be a factor anymore? Would you still choose to sell your vehicle through someone else? Or would you pick the better price tag? In today’s harsh economy, we’re willing to bet you’d prefer to get the most back for as little hassle as possible and we’re here to help lead the way.

The problem?

Time wasters and scammers. This is true not just for cars but for just about everything whether sold online or in person. It’s the main reason we created Truzo. We believe in creating a world where buying and selling things, both goods and services is quick, easy and above all scam and fraud free.

The solution?

Use a trusted third-party payment provider to safeguard payments with verified transactions. If that sounds like a foreign language, you’re not alone.  Truzo provides a safe payment solution which protects you, the seller, while also protecting the buyer. It’s a win-win!

How does it work?

Once you’ve found a potential buyer for your car, create a profile on our website,, or use our app which can be downloaded from your PlayStore or App Store. Once your account is verified, create a transaction for the sale of the car and invite your buyer to register. Once your buyer is verified, they’ll have access to check the details of the sale and if all is as agreed, they commit by paying the money into our escrow account for safe keeping. Things to agree on would be the fee split, the amount of time given to inspect the car and of course, the price. We even have the option to include an agent if you’d like to give someone commission for finding you a buyer!

Whether you’re selling a car, a phone or your old second hand books on a classified site, there is no safer way to make sure you’ll get paid and/or hold onto your goods. You’ll know up front that the money is real and if the promised item is delivered, on time, you’ll get paid out quickly. For more information, see our FAQ’s or drop us a mail on and we’ll call you back.

Truzo (Pty) Ltd (2016/390144/07) is an Authorised Financial Service Provider (FSP 51539).