Creating Trust during Lock Down


It’s an uncertain time for South Africa

The fierce tug of war between economy and health can be seen playing itself out on social media platforms, the varied opinion pieces in the press, on WhatsApp groups and chats between friends, family and colleagues. A debate that will likely be recorded in our history books without a clear winner. The only certainty most of us have right now is that the way we live will never quite be the same.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only forced people to do business with more strangers, but also to do business virtually. For those who never needed to embrace the online way of life before, it’s a complete shock to the system. There has never been a more important time to feel safe when buying or selling products or services. Very few have been selected to serve the country as Essential Service Providers, making it incredibly easy for fraudsters, con artists and scammers to narrow their focus and take advantage of the desperate need on both sides of every transaction.

The emergency plumber or electrician called out to fix a faulty geyser or DB board is facing a unique challenge. Working with many more customers they have never met increases their risk of not being paid for parts and services dramatically, making the payment of deposits almost mandatory. Customers too are faced with the same challenge, just in reverse. Their risk of being left high and dry when paying these deposits, or even possibly in full, before the purchase is also very real. When a geyser has burst or a DB board is faulty leaving a household without hot water or electricity during lock down, there is little room to negotiate, if any.

Trust levels are at an all-time low while scamming and payment fraud are at their highest, which is why Truzo has been granted Essential Service Provider status during this national lock down. We are here, free of charge, to ensure that both sides feel safe to do business even in non-emergency situations. Whether you are an Essential Services Provider selling services or essential items like cloth masks and fresh produce, make use of our free service to put yourself and your customers at ease. Truzo guarantees safe and secure transactions, every time.

Truzo is an international business with offices in Johannesburg and London, is a Juristic Representative of Envisionit Capital Solutions – FSP43556, registered with both the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) and PASA (Payments Association of South Africa) and is backed by Envisionit Capital Solutions & Founders Factory Africa as shareholders, for your peace of mind.

Our entire team is set up remotely, as per government regulations, and we are all eager to continue building trust between strangers doing business, reducing scams and fraud and guaranteeing payments, free of charge until the end of May 2020.

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