Is Buying Online Secure?


Depends Who You Ask

The more appropriate question we should be asking is: Can we make sure we are secure when buying online? The answer to that is an emphatic: Yes! Is it easy or do I need to jump through hoops? It can be as easy as saying “secure” or a little less straight forward, with a few hoops.

Looking at the hoops first, there are a few guidelines every online shopper should take note of before diving in, head first. Shopping on reputable sites is obviously first prize but as we all know, is a) not always possible and b) would not allow new competitors to enter the market which helps keep the pricing fair. So how do we know who to shop with? The number one priority is to ensure the website is operating off an https:// web address, which means it is a secure website and your credit card details should be safe. It is even safer if they use an external dedicated payment portal like PayFast, PayGate, PAYU, PayPal or even alternative providers like Ozow, since these platforms make it their business to keep your information out of the hands of criminals.

Speaking of criminals, keeping your card details and information safe is only part of the problem. Many people choose to pay via a manual EFT to avoid entering their details online only to have their goods not arrive or arrive defective and the seller has disappeared. Cybercrime affects all classes from the cash strapped who are buying “cheap” goods they’re desperate for, to the families travelling hundreds of kilometres only to arrive at a holiday destination they have paid in full to enjoy but don’t seem to have a booking for.

Who, not where, you are buying from is more important than ever before, with Statista reporting non-payment and non-delivery among the highest reported cybercrimes in 2019:

Find more statistics at Statista So, whether you’re buying cloth masks from someone off your local friendly neighbourhood Facebook page or essential groceries to survive, it pays to protect yourself. Truzo is the perfect solution for individuals and businesses alike. We solve the problems of both keeping your details safe and guaranteeing delivery of goods and services! For the duration of the lockdown, we’re offering our services free of charge to ensure everyone has the opportunity to feel safe, secure and at ease when buying online. Don’t stress it, #TruzoIt.

How does it work? Download our app from the PlayStore, AppStore or register directly on our website. Create your purchase in a few quick easy steps, use the “InThisTogether” voucher code at check out to waive our fees and we’ll do all the verifications on your behalf.

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